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About LiquidStone

We are a group of like-minded individuals with over twenty years of industry experience. When we first got together, we learned that we all had the same approach to branding, advertising and creativity – To do it right.
Mercury, which encompasses both solid and liquid, represents us best.
While the quintessential property of fluidity reflects how we ideate, Mercury’s ability to solidify shows that we deliver rock solid content, once we settle on a plan of action. And that’s how LiquidStone was born.

At LiquidStone, we do pretty much everything imaginable in the world of creative communications, but our main business is bringing your brand to life in refreshing yet unorthodox ways. We specialise in core branding and marketing communication in print and electronic media.
But soon, we realised that we wanted to help businesses save time and yield better results. That’s how ‘The Tease’, ‘Uxist’ and ‘Gully Soda’ were conceptualised.
As the parent company, LiquidStone utilises the services of The Tease for digital media, Uxist for digital technology and Gully Soda to help startups realise their potential.

Every brand has a story. But if the story has to be heard, it has to be said right. That is what we are here for. We listen, and build you out of that story, for others to hear, and be impacted.

Gully Soda


At Gully Soda, we enable start-ups to position their brand with a vision of future growth at an affordable capital without having to compromise on the much needed professional inputs.

The Tease

Digital Marketing

With a team of some of the brightest and most tenacious creative problem solvers, our unremitting digital marketing strategies help brands support their overarching goals.


Digital Technology

The future is now. We create interactive designs and coded solutions to help brands change, adapt and evolve. We reinvent identities, boost brand experiences, and drive digital spheres.

"Have worked with Liquidstone and their design studio recently. Have been very impressed with their instant understanding of client’s needs, seamless delivery, reliable and talented. They have great skills in working as a team with the client. Best wishes."

Gomathi Suresh

Director Ecof Australia Pty.Ltd

"Our design advisor/agency, Liquidstone - does a fabulous job with the design and images. Given the stringent deadlines. Their pricing is competitive with the prevailing market rates."

Arpita Bhawal

Director - Corporate Communication, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited

"A nice human being with a very creative mind, Amit Goyal is very hard working and organized. I would personally recommend his professional expertise for marketing and advertising. I had the opportunity to be his client. I wish him good luck."

Francis Vijay

Senior Physiotherapist at Healthpoint, UAE

"LiquidStone is a highly experienced team of creative designers who have partnered with me and my company on many occasions. They deliver quality creative that is of international standing as well as print and digital creative with excellent turn around times. They are especially adept at understanding the cultural nuances of creative work outside of Asia which is an especially critical skill set. I would recommend LiquidStone for good creative quality, quick turn around times, as well as excellent pricing."

Jim S. Hill

Publishing Outsourcing Consulting