Founded by Amit Goyal and Ramana Bandi in 2001,


Both moved back to India in 2005 to pursue their creative dreams in India. While Amit continues to take LiquidStone to newer horizons, Ramana does the same by taking his passion for photography to the next level. Ramana heads Rajan School of Photography in Hyderabad. A step towards fulfilling his dream of transferring knowledge to the next generation.

At LiquidStone, we do pretty much everything imaginable in the world of creative communications, but our main business is bringing your brand to life in fresh, unorthodox and often provocative ways. With our team of some of the brightest, most passionate and most tenacious creative problem solvers out there, we collaborate to express the values and personality of a brand through a 360 degree approach.

Changing change. Sorry, we don’t belong to the run-of-the-mill brain-washing creative outfits that are constant in harping about change. “Let’s change your positioning” … “Let’s change the treatment” … “Let’s change your image”. Enough. We are a bunch of practical blokes who don’t hide behind easy-way-out solutions. Our ideology and practical thinking is where we came from.

We came from changing change.



Amit Goyal Partner, Creative Direction

Amit Goyal
Partner, Creative Direction

Agnelo Vijayan Partner, Business Advisor

Agnelo Vijayan
Partner, Business Advisor

Ramana Bandi Partner, Photography

Ramana Bandi
Partner, Photography

Mahesh Bhandari Partner, Business Advisor

Mahesh Bhandari
Partner, Business Advisor

Irina Lazor Partner, Illustration, 

Irina Lazor
Partner, Illustration, 

Balwant Shinde Partner, Print Design

Balwant Shinde
Partner, Print Design

Open Positions

Digital Strategist

You need to know what it takes to plan out an effective digital campaign and utilise the right channels. The right balance of what spend needs to be made, where and how to achieve the desired results.



  • Good grasp of various digital marketing platforms.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong presentation skills.

Social Media Specialist

A flair for social media and a strong understanding of how social media can impact marketing trends. An ability to stay on top of updates and come up with innovative ideas and contribute by building social communities around a product or service.



  • Understanding of Social Media.
  • No specific specialization required. 
  • Understanding of Social Media from a marketing perspective.


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