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Paati Veedu

Client Brief:

A restaurant isn’t just about food. It could mean different things to different people. Keeping this in mind, we were required to position a new venture, Paati Veedu, as a fine-dine restaurant that serves simple food, celebrates home-cooking and radiates grandmotherly vibes – hence, the name. The targeted income groups were to include high-income groups and HNIs.


Sure enough, nostalgia is a subjective concept. But there are specific ways in which one can be made to reminisce about their childhood days. Keeping that in mind, we decided to bring back the old days by providing a traditional and cultural experience with a captivating ambience, and authentic South Indian food. From old-fashioned set menus to an unassuming yet decorous setting, we wanted the place to be the go-to restaurant for millennials and the older crowd alike.


The means of communication deployed were promotional flyers, posters, branded or synchronised decor, business stationery, internal, and external signages with press releases. To enhance the brand’s recall value, we decided to give out souvenirs that would create exclusivity to the brand.


End Result:

One year since the inception, Paati Veedu continues to perform as an eminent eatery serving nostalgic experiences with flavoursome food.